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Announcement of the Awards of JSE Outstanding Papers (2014 and 2015)

Journal of Systematics and Evolution (JSE) recently established two award categories: (1) JSE Outstanding Papers, and (2) JSE Outstanding Papers by Young Investigators (first author receiving doctoral degree within seven years). In the July issue of 2015, 20 most cited papers published in JSE in the period from 2008 to 2013 were selected to receive the first set of awards of JSE Outstanding Papers. We herein announce the recipients of the awards for 2014 and 2015. The papers were nominated by JSE Editors and were selected largely based on the citations per year (citation data from Thomson Reuters Web of Science, accessed 21 April 2016). Winners of the JSE Outstanding Papers will be presented with a certificate and awarded with $800; and winners of the JSE Outstanding Papers by Young Investigators will receive a certificate and a prize of $500.


JSE Outstanding Papers for 2014 and 2015:


1Li X-H et al. 2014. Phylogenetic clustering and overdispersion for alpine plants along elevational gradient in the Hengduan Mountains Region, southwest China.

2Meng H-H et al. 2015. Plant phylogeography in arid Northwest China: Retrospectives and perspectives.

3Soreng RJ et al. 2015. A worldwide phylogenetic classification of the Poaceae (Gramineae).

4Wang RRC, Lu BR. 2014. Biosystematics and evolutionary relationships of perennial Triticeae species revealed by genomic analyses.


JSE Outstanding Papers by Young Investigators for 2014 and 2015:


1Li J et al. 2014. Synthetic hexaploid wheat enhances variation and adaptive evolution of bread wheat in breeding processes.

2Mandel et al. 2015. Using phylogenomics to resolve megafamilies: An example from Compositae.

3Wang Q et al. 2014. Phylogenetic analyses reveal three new genera of the Campanulaceae.

4Zhang N et al. 2015. Expression patterns of AP1, FUL, FT and LEAFY orthologs in Vitaceae support the homology of tendrils and inflorescences throughout the grape family.


Journal of Systematics and Evolution provides these two categories of awards to recognize outstanding contributions to plant systematics and evolution.


Please find more detailed information of the awards in the Editorial of the May issue of 2016.


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