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Call For Papers: Special Issue on Wheat Tribe (Triticeae: Poaceae)

Special Issue: Systematics, Evolution, and Breeding of Wheat Tribe (Triticeae: Poaceae) 

Triticeae is an economically important tribe in the grass family (Poaceae). This tribe has played an extremely valuable role in human civilization, livelihood, and world food security. Its approximately five hundred annual and perennial species, subspecies and varieties, include many domesticated crops such as wheat, barley, rye, and triticale!an artificially created crop, as well as many widely used forage species. Some wild species in the tribe that are crop relatives have been commonly utilized as elite genetic resources for crop improvement; globally successful examples of enhanced crop yield and quality via introducing alien Triticeae germplasm have been reported. Therefore, diverse research interest in the Triticeae has increased worldwide. Current research includes taxonomy, biosystematics, cytogenetics, phylogeny, biodiversity, conservation, genetics, genomics, evolution, crop breeding, and germplasm utilization.

To promote the knowledge exchange in the above research fields, international Triticeae symposia are regularly organized in every four years in different parts of the world. These symposia have provided a platform for scientists working with Triticeae to meet as well as to present and discuss their new findings. The 7th International Triticeae Symposium (7th ITS) was held between June 9C13 in Chengdu, Sichuan of Southwest China. Altogether, about 100 participants from nearly 20 different countries participated in 7th ITS. These countries included Azerbaijan, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Iceland, Iran, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and USA. The 7th ITS scientific program was organized into four major topics distributed in different symposium sessions. The oral presentation sessions included: ^Systematics and Phylogeny ̄, ^Biodiversity and Conservation ̄, ^Genetics and Genomics ̄, and ^Breeding and Utilization. ̄ In addition, there were also poster sessions accommodating different topics.

Although there were many high-quality, interesting presentations and posters at the 7th ITS, the scope of the Journal of Systematics and Evolution limits our ability to invite selected participants to develop their presentations into manuscripts for inclusion in this Special Issue. Specifically, we chose scientists who presented their work on topics related to systematics and evolution. In addition, we also included a couple of presentations related to crop breeding and one presentation about the research of Triticeae Epichloae fungal endophytes.

Now, the Special Issue is open for manuscript submission. Authors should read over the Authors¨ Guidelines carefully of the Journal of Systematics and Evolution before submission. The authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript using the on-line submission function at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/josae.

Please kindly notice that the ^Special Issue ̄ under your manuscript title is supposed to be specified during your submission, please check the Special Issue section and enter the special issue title ^Triticeae ̄.

According to the following timetable:

Manuscript Due: February 28, 2014 

Guest Editors:

Prof. Baorong Lu
Fudan University 

Prof. Norman E. Ellstrand
University of California, Riverside

For further questions or inquiries

Please contact Editorial Assistant at:
brlu@fudan.edu.cn & yan.liang@ibcas.ac.cn


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